Community Laser Acupuncture 

Lcoation: Cole Habour
The idea of community laser acupuncture is a group of people coming together to receive auricular acu-laser & seed therapy. 

If you are visiting the community for the first time is in important to show up 10 minutes early to fill out the intake form, or simply download the form the link below. 

The basic setup of the community laser acupuncture well be in an assembly line. All acu-needles will be placed in each member's left/right ear. After the last acu-needles is placed I will go around to each member and offer to the opposite ear acu-laser therapy, and herbals seeds(tiny black seed beads that are placed on medical tape). 

The treatment procedure will include two-five acu-needles, cold low-level laser; Infrared and ultraviolet blue lights. After the Acu-Laser therapy is complete, I apply two-five auricular seeds that are made up of a herbal seed that is from a Vaccaria Plant. Auricular Seeds applies pressure to the corresponding auricular point(located on the ear) for the condition that is in need of stimulation. The client can rub or press the seeds for additional effect.

All auricular points selected is according to the chief complaint of the individual, meaning the Acu-Needles, Laser, and herbal seeds will meet a protocol according to the complaint. 

Every: Tuesday and Friday at 10 am &
            Wednesday at 6 pm
Location: Vibe Energy- 971 cole harbour road

Cost: $45.00 per hour
          Receipt is provided
          Coverage for most health care insurances
you can expect to be at Vibe Energy for the hour. 

Community Acu-Laser Intake Form