1. Acupuncture & TCM $85.00
    Acupuncture is an ancient medicine, that use fine sterilize needles as a medium to regulate the body’s Meridians system. The Meridian system is based on theoretical findings of traditional teachings of the indigenous people of China. Meridians are mapped over our bodies, they are connected to our internal organs, and the of outer ways of our living, like our relations with earth, such as our geographic location. Acupuncture is wholistic healing that is rooted from Qi, Yin-Yang, Holism, Meridian, & 5 Element theory.
  2. Acupressure & Tuina $85.00
    Acupressure medicine was founded before Acupuncture; the medicine is over 5000 years young. There is no medium such as needles but maneuverings of the hands, fingers, wrist, elbows, knees, & feet. Acupressure stems from the same foundations of the traditional indigenous theories of China, a practitioner uses their knowledge to manipulate the client body’s acupoints/meridians to rebalance the Qi, and blood for wellness, and wellbeing. Best practice as a preventive medicine, but Acupressure will help completely rebalance back to health.
  3. Fire Cupping $70.00
    Fire cupping is a type of acupressure therapy using specially designed glass cups that are heated in such a way that when they are applied to the body a vacuum is created, and the skin is gently pulled up into a cup. In its simplest form, fire cupping is a type of deep tissue massage that promotes stress relief ad relaxation. As a medicinal therapy, cupping has been bronchitis, asthma, colds, digestive diseases, musculoskeletal pain, some gynecological disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, lung diseases, and paralysis, thought it can be use for other disorders as well.
  4. Auricular Therapy $85.00
    Auricular seeds are made up of an herbal seed that is from a Vaccaria Plant. They are tiny black seed beads placed on medical tape. Auricular Seeds applies pressure to the corresponding auricular point(located on the ear) for the condition that is in need of stimulation. The client can rub or press the seeds for additional effect. Auricular seeding offers treatment over time. Auricular Seed Therapy kits will have a minimal of seven treatments, and depend on the unique condition more treatments may have to be taken.
  5. Reiki Healing $85.00
    Healing and Healing Energy is to understand the compassionate discipline in life. Is to understand being. Sometimes stepping up, sometimes stepping back… but to know you never actually know while in this shell, mask, skin. Sometimes flowing up yet down. a meaningful way of grace. Trusting, in the positive-negative. Trusting in Love.
  6. Reiki Teachings $225.00
    Becoming... You are your own healer, you are your own Medicine. Grandmother, asks what medicine do you carry? as policy states, I will walk with you while you heal you. Become a Usui Reiki Healer TODAY.
  7. Intuitive Readings $85.00
    I am an intuitive medic, I have been gifted at a very early age and share in a close relationship with cosmos. I have been consciously communicating with spirit for 8 years, where my gifts returned to me via white sparkle light. I provide guidance from Heaven, the Moon, the Sun, Mother Earth, a place found within. Readings are done via cards, or art abstract
  8. Intuition Teachings
    Connect & build a relationship with your Intuitive Self. When we connect and communicate with spirit, our inner child, our true self… we realize the gift of intuition. May we help you connected with your trueness? Lets walk together on a path that leads to everyday guidance in life, everyday knowing of trust, kindness, compassion and a touch of change. Are you ready for your garden to grow?
  9. Stone(Crystals) Therapy
    Receive messages and build your relationship with stones in your everyday life, allow Divine Mother to connect and work with you through the power of stones.
  10. Meditation Teachings
    Learn techniques to help you grow in mindful breathing, eating, walking, sleeping.
  11. Laser Acupuncture $85.00
    Laser Acupuncture is a method that evolves light, light is a stimulate for acupoints along the body, to create or destroy. Each program is designed for the individual. LLLA is fantastic for anyone looking to quit smoking, lose weight, or rid disease/pain.
  12. Reflexology (hand or foot) $85.00
    Reflexology is a tradition medicine that is a massage of the hand or the foot. Reflexology is great for self-treatment, and foot reflexology is perfect to give nourishment. Reflexology is like having a full body massage but only of the hand or foot.
  13. Smoking Cessation Program $100.00
    I am applying CM education to help you quit smoking, with tonification of the kidney essence and sedation of the lung, a person is likely to rid the craving for good. 1st tx includes consultation!
  14. Pain Relief Program $115.00
    With Permission, & after our consult(included) -we will use Acupuncture, Laser (Light), Acupressure Massage, & Cupping(red flags apply), to help with life's pain. Yessss---> pain be gone!
  15. Weight Relief Program $115.00
    Includes consultation, first tx & dietary guidance based on TCM foundations. we will help you & your body with reconnection -love & communication is the key.
  16. Smoking & Weight Relief Program $135.00
    Are you ready to quit smoking, but nervous of the addiction moving to food? Try this combination treatment, of smoking control, and weight relief- let go of cigarettes, and rid the weight. 1st tx includes Consultation.
  17. Consultation $39.00
    Let's discover what the treatment protocol will be, # of treatments, & cost per tx is for your case. This is the first step to your case study! 'Our' Case Study will include paperwork- so be prepared.

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