Smoking Cessation Program

Hello, my name is Scosha Diamond, I am the owner and operator of Moonlight Medicine. I offer many programs; one program is a smoking cessation, which includes modalities of Chinese Medicine, such as acupuncture and laser acupuncture, fire cupping may be added depending on the person and the constitution.

What you can expect from a first treatment and consultation- the consultation includes an intake form which is a series of questions on your health history. The discussion will help me determine the best therapy in helping you to obtain your goal in quit smoking.
I offer auricular laser acupuncture, and the points I use are Sympathetic Autonomic, Shenman, Point Zero, Lung 1 and 2, Brain, Adrenal, Nicotine, Aggression Pt, Master Cerebral, I also like to include the Kidney point, which nourishes willpower.

Acupuncture Needles are used over the body, in occurrence to the diagnosis from the consultation,
which may treat stress, lack of energy, or other blocks that may stop a person from quitting.

The cost for first treatment and consultation is $100.00
and all follow-up treatments are $50.00 (accepted by most insurances).

As for how many treatments - The books recommend 2 or 3 treatments for 1 to 2 weeks,
and once a week till you are entirely quit.

However I have had some people quit with one - three treatments, and other people need more.
My recommendation is if your commitment to the program, get as many treatments as you need until you quit.

I have 85% success rate, the reason for a low percentage is because some people quit the commitment before leaving the habit.