May the Creator be the guiding light in your life.
May the Moon and Sun be the guidance to your burning star.
May the love of the Universe fill your heart.
May you feel the trueness of who you are.
May you always shine on.
  1. "Enjoyed our time together and what we have learned! Scosha did an amazing job! And I felt so empowered and blessed to be part of the class. Teaching others to have faith and believe in the Creators power to heal when we ask and pray about it is truly an honor. As a strong Christian, I was so worried and prepared to leave at any time, had I felt this course was of another agenda other than serving The Lord, but was assured and reminded about our gifts that He has given us all that can be used to help others. Thank you so much for such a spiritual morning! As you know it touched my soul profoundly! Bless you!"
  2. "I felt so good after our session. I felt so light and good about myself that I could fly. Thank you"
  3. I started seeing Scosha little over a year ago. I was looking for help with depression, stress and arthritis pain. I was totally unsure as to how this would work. I researched Reiki and decided I had nothing to lose but the pain. Immediately upon meeting Scosha, she put in at ease. As we chatted, she explained in detail what she would be doing and possible outcomes. After several sessions, I felt the depression fog and a weight lifted off me. Started feeling happy again and the pain dulled. I loved Reiki so much that I joined Scosha’s Reiki sessions and became a Reiki Healer Level 1. Thank you Scosha for giving me my life back, cannot wait for you to see you again!
  4. The whole reading rang true! You're a very talented reader. xoxoxo I love you's style too - almost like aboriginal with Mother Earth and spirit. You clearly see!
  5. Omg I'm crying that was so beautiful thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! This is honestly one of the top 3 readings I've had Scosha. And I've had a LOT!!!
  6. Scosha has been a godsent talent to help with a variety of conditions. As a trained healer and natural talents and her well spoken advice for additional healing ways has lead to a huge improvement in the quality of life for me. She is very patient and calm to create a wonderful environment to learn and encourage self awareness. Very highly recommend!!!
    Suzanne Bona reviewed Moonlight Medicine Acupuncture & Laser Limited — 5 star
  7. Scosha has gone above and beyond to try and help me overcome some serious medical problems I am struggling with. She is compassionate, understanding, knowledgable, and very down to earth. I can't recommend her highly enough!! Thank you Scosha for everything you've done for me. Although her services have got me to a point where some might think they don't need her services anymore, I plan on continuing my care with Scosha in the future to maintain good health. She's just that great. :)
    Taylor Holmans recommends Moonlight Medicine Acupuncture & Laser Limited.
  8. Well the stop smoking treatment is the best I was a smoker for 30 plus years who loved every cigarette I ever lit. On January 4th 2017 I had my first of two treatments and on January 5th 2017 I had my second treatment and I am happy to say that I am 9 weeks smoke free. On January 17th 2017 my husband had his first treatment and on January 18th 2017 he had his second he was also a smoker for 25 plus years but I am proud to say that he is now 7 weeks almost 8 weeks smoke free. For us it was the best thing that we ever spent money on. Thank you
    Sandy Shears-Hawco reviewed Moonlight Medicine Acupuncture & Laser Limited — 5 star
  9. Scosha's has been nothing short of a miracle for me Words alone couldn’t express how grateful I am
    Jacqueline Molloy Seaward recommends Moonlight Medicine Acupuncture & Laser Limited
  10. I was skeptical, but had tried many ways to lose weight and never had success. Just after one treatment of acupuncture I am now down 18 pounds!!!! Can't recommend enough the services provided. It saved my life.
    Tah Mee reviewed Moonlight Medicine Acupuncture & Laser Limited — 5 star
  11. I had acupressure massage and cupping done and it was great! Scosha was very professional and friendly. She explained what she was doing and what to expect afterwards. She also has other programs I will try.
    Melanie R